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Makin' Machine Control

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Makin' Machine Control

Efficiency and productivity at a glance

The Makin' solutions support the construction workflow in and around the excavator when accuracy and digital documentation are required. And Makin is more than machine control.

With Makin' Survey and Makin' PerFormans, Makin delivers workflow tools that help the construction industry manage projects digitally. All solutions are built on the same software platform and with Makin' Cloud integration for a comprehensive site control solution.

Makin' is a flexible and modular software based on a solid IT architecture. It prioritizes user-focused development, minimizing time-to-market and aiming for high performance on both software and hardware.

Makin' prioritizes routines, features, and tools for customers' daily work. It offers auto calibration, remote support, online overview, and logging, resulting in fewer mistakes, maximum uptime, and increased productivity for users.

Makin' optimizes software and hardware to handle large models, providing a comprehensive project overview without the need for file splitting. The system is fast, responsive, and reliable.

Makin' prioritizes user experience with an intuitive interface, user friendly icons, and customizable options. The interface can be scaled up or down in complexity based on user needs.
The goal is to provide a system that is detailed for advanced users while remaining simple for beginners.

The site engineer's dream solution

Makin' Machine Control

Makin' 3D Machine Control

With reliability built into every component, you can be assured of getting the best possible quality.

Makin' 3D handles and visualizes complete project files, and all objects can be activated or deactivated for more or less complexity.

Seamless data flow between machines, surveyors, and back office.
With projects, software and sensor firmware, pushed directly to the machine, you can be sure that every system is up to date.

Ease of use doesn't equate to less features, the file menu system is clean and crisp, so easily navigated.

Give your engineers more power, remote viewing allows them to dial in to every machine for fewer site visits.

Makin' Machine Control

Makin' Surfaces

Makin' Surfaces
Efficiency and productivity at a glance

Makin' Surfaces enhances operator overview and
efficiency by automatic as-built surface documentation, and graphical visualization of project progress and completion status.

The operator is continuously guided by a color-coded
plot showing the bottom of the cut relative to the
reference surface.

The documented as-built surfaces are available on
Makin' Cloud for exporting and post processing.

Makin' Surfaces increases project productivity and
reduces the operator workload through effortless, continuous documentation of all the excavation progress.

Makin' Machine Control

Makin' Performans

Based on the same unique software and rugged hardware platform as the rest of the Makin' 3D product range. Makin' PerFormans provides an easy-to-use quality assurance tool with full integration and connectivity to the workflow in the project.

An intuitive and portable project control tool for visualization of project data in real-time and with no extra accessories.

Decimeter positioning accuracy for valuable project information and allows for smart planning and immediate detection of deviations from design.

Makin' PerFormans is workflow-integrated with all other Makin' solutions.

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