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Nasco Digtec. iDig & Makin' Machine Control Distributor & Engcon Service Partner


Makin' 3D Machine Control

The goal is to provide a system that is detailed for advanced users while remaining simple for beginners.

Reliability is designed into Makin', ensuring a trustworthy solution.

Every machine the project is using exactly the same model and linework design from the cloud.

No subscriptions for Makin' cloud, reduces cost and ensures you have complete control, at all times.

Remotely view and control the operators screen.

Makin' solutions support the construction workflow in and around the excavator, when accuracy and digital documentation is required. And Makin is more than machine control.

With Makin' Survey and Makin' PerFormans, Makin delivers workflow tools that help the construction industry manage projects digitally. All solutions are built on the same software platform and with Makin' Cloud integration for a comprehensive site control solution.

Makin' is a flexible and modular software based on a solid IT architecture. It prioritizes user-focused development, minimizing time-to-market and aiming for high performance on both software and hardware.

Makin' prioritizes routines, features, and tools for customers' daily work. It offers auto calibration, remote support, online overview, and logging, resulting in fewer mistakes, maximum uptime, and increased productivity for users.

Makin' optimizes software and hardware to handle large models, providing a comprehensive project overview without the need for file splitting. The system is fast, responsive, and reliable.

Makin' prioritizes user experience with an intuitive interface, user friendly icons, and customizable options. The interface can be scaled up or down in complexity based on user needs.

Seamless data sharing between the jobsite, surveyors and the back office.


iDig 2D & 3D Machine Guidance

We are the UK's iDig distributor, with a trusted dealer network throughout.
We are excited, and very proud to be part of the iDig revolution, and to share their world leading systems with our customers.

With a full stock of systems and parts held here in the UK, we can supply a fast efficient service.
iDig starts from just £6000 and replaces the need for additional labour costs associated with grade checking
One system can easily be shared across all your excavators regardless of size, one system suits all

Fantastic performance with a fast return on investment


Engcon Tilt Rotators

Engcon tilt-rotators bring another level of excavator efficiency.

Being an authorised Engcon Service Provider (ESP), we draw on many years of electrical & hydraulic experience to bring great backup to their service network, as well as to our own customers.

Once you have tried it for yourself, you will fully understand the concept. Luckily, we are able to provide a demo on our own machine. Try before you buy

From the initial enquiry, through to the installation, you will have honest advise, and full support

Authorised Engcon Service Provider


GKD & Xwatch partners, supplying overload and control for excavators.

With over 30 years experience in the plant safety industry, we can draw on a vast amount of knowledge and expertise to provide you with a reliable and high quality service that has been proved to be one of the best in the industry.

We strive to meet and exceed our customers requirements. Whether its a LOLER inspection or to supply and install a new system, you can rely on us to provide a fast and efficient service.

Plant Safety.... We have your back


Service when "YOU" need it

Any product you purchase, is only as good as the support.

We pride ourselves in great customer service and support, and we have achieved a remarkable reputation since 1999.

All our staff will go above and beyond to ensure that all every customer receives the best possible service, with a stay on site until it's right mentality

Whether you purchase directly from us, or one of our trusted partners, you can be guaranteed on an outstanding service.

Others promise it, we just do it

Whether you need service, information, or just some advise, please don't hesitate to call us - 01702 410674

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