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iDig Spotman GNSS Rover

iDig Spotman GNSS

Spotman & iPoint GNSS Receiver / Rover

iDig's Spotman GNSS receiver is a compact but powerful surveying tool, with upto 34 hours of use on a single charge.

Coupled with our iPoint software on our Samsung Tablet, use it to accurately set out all your work points and collect your measurements. Numerous file import and export formats and several types of measurement and layout methods are available and guarantee instant productivity.
iPoint makes positioning in the field more convenient and thanks to its simple user interface, it is accessible even to beginners.

You can prepare your 3D data in DXF for small projects and upload it to the excavator control box without having to use desktop project software.

The Spotman GNSS smart antenna delivers centimeter precision in seconds and maintains reliable fixed RTK accuracy even in typically challenging environments.
Its quick-start feature gets you up and running within 30 seconds of powering up the receiver, making point collection faster than ever as you move from place to place.
The high-gain antenna increases GNSS satellite signals tracking efficiency by up to 30% and provides accurate, survey grade positioning when using GPS, Glonass, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS constellations.
The integrated iStar technology ensures optimal GNSS RTK surveying in all GNSS survey applications.

iDig's unique approach to machine guidance uses a single GNSS receiver, and in true iDig style, there are still no cables outside of the cab.
Coupled with the iDig Connect system, you can use the Spotman in 2D+ & 3D.

34 hours on single charge to ensure operation when you need it.
The Spotman's GNSS ultra-low power consumption dramatically improves the survey time span, and eliminates the need for spare or external batteries.
Up to 34 hours of autonomous work are achieved when operated as a GNSS RTK network rover and up to 16 hours as a RTK base station.

Spotman charges from a power bank or a standard USB-C charger.
No matter where or when the GNSS surveys are carried out, the i83 GNSS' magnesium alloy body is shock-, dust- and waterproof to ensure uninterrupted performance, even in the most demanding job site conditions.

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