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iDig Machine Control

iDig 2D Lite (limited offer) £6000 + Vat

iDig 2D Lite is here....
The new iDig 2D Lite is based on the best selling 2D Touch system.
With the same accuracy and full 2D functionality, a few a few software reductions have bought the system down to an incredible £6000.00 + Vat

2D Lite has all the functions of 2D Touch apart from:
Height alarm, reach, UR (Kobelco offset), clamshell, auger, underwater mode, 2D advanced mode, big combo and blade, flip feature, rotation (CAN-bus)

Still shareable between machines, still single & dual slope, still 1cm accuracy, and still highly efficient.

iDig Machine Control

iDig 2D Touch Replace Laser Checking

The worlds best selling excavator 2D system.
Have instant knowledge of where your bucket tip is at all times.
With an accuracy of 1cm at the bucket tip, you can dig to any depth also grade single or dual slopes 360 degrees around the machine.
Take a reference from a datum point, or catch your rotating laser for 3 seconds, and your away.
The in cab display is very clear and intuitive, and the LED light bar gives you a live update of your distance to grade.
An in cab sensor monitors chassis & slew angles, so you can maintain the desired depth to grade as you rotate the cab.
NO CABLES outside of the cab, meaning no downtime for damaged cables.
One system for all your excavators. All iDig systems can be removed in seconds and shared across any sized machines.

iDig Machine Control

iDig Connect 2D. Upgradeable to 3D

The new 2D Connect system has all the features of the iDig 2D Touch system, but has been redeveloped from the ground up.
Using Bluetooth 5 technology, the solar charged sensors report their position 100 times per second, and monitor 6 axis, giving lightning fast positioning.
The upgraded display and LED light bar, give super clear graphics and position information.
A huge benefit of the 2D Connect system is that it brings futureproofing to your purchase. Upgrade at anytime to either 2D+ or full 3D.
Still replacing the need for manual grade checking, but with the option for replacing the need for an engineer on site too.
For 2D+ Just add the iDig Spotman GNSS receiver for constant satellite height correction as you track around site. Also use the Spotman receiver as a GPS rover for setting out or surveying, to GNSS accuracy.

iDig Machine Control

iDig Connect 3D. Take control of the whole project

iDig Connect 3D is revolutionising 3D machine guidance.
Still using no cables outside of the cab, the single Spotman GNSS receiver gives accurate position of your bucket tip as you track around site.
Uploading a 3D DXF model via usb or any cloud service, will enable the operator to select lines and surfaces to dig to. Replacing the need for an engineer on site.
The versatility of our Spotman GNSS receiver goes even further, place it on a survey pole, and using our iPoint app on the android tablet, you can record points, create lines and surfaces, edit the information in the onboard CAD tab, then upload your design to the cloud ready for the machine to download.
Our remote support connectivity allows the back office to dial in to provide full support to the operator, without the need for visiting the machine.

iDig Machine Control
iDig Machine Control
iDig Machine Control
iDig Machine Control

2D TOUCH in the Scottish Borders

Since 2007, iDig has been improving the lives of thousands of excavator operators all over the world.
The iDig Touch 2D is an excavator guidance system that is universal, portable, cable-free and solar powered.
Just enter the depth, slope or desired distance from a reference (ie. top of a stake or a rotating laser) and then dig precisely without needing a person on the staff or constantly leaving your cab yourself.

iDig Machine Control

3D CONNECT in Southern England

The new iDig CONNECT 3D has all of the advantages of TOUCH 2D.
Sophisticated projects created by designers and surveyors can be entered into your CONNECT via USB or by an open cloud of your choosing.
Alternatively you can create small projects with just the GNSS antenna from your excavator. It's transferable to a survey pole allowing you to survey, set out, measure areas, calculate volumes, create models and more.

iDig Machine Control


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