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iDig Testimonials

I am a self employed digger driver who thrives to do the best job possible, and I am always looking for ways in which I can complete such high levels of standards in my work, whilst also improving my efficiency.

I mainly work on my own so I often spend a lot of time getting in and out of the digger, to set measures and adapt my laser level etc.

When I heard about the IDig I wasn't sure if it was too good to be true, although after purchasing it I can confirm this is not the case and it is worth every penny.

It has improved my work and is easy to use. I would never go back to not having an IDig, it is straightforward, effortless wizardry that I would recommend to everyone.


Kris Hearle, K L Hearle Groundworks

To the Nasco team.

After seeing you all and the iDig system at Hillhead, I thank you for taking the time to carefully explain this whole system to us.
Even when you was inundated with prospect sales, it seemed very popular, and the demo kit made light work of the full product explanation.

We decided to purchase the idig to be fitted on a kubota kx027 and also the kx057, it could not have been any simpler this process, rung in to place the order, waited 14days for installation and now never looked back, and I would really recommend this iDig 2D touch to every one, it's so much better than I even thought.

I will be honest it did take a few days to get to know the system and several fxxk ups but I'm there.

My only gripe with the whole system is the magnetic detectors window cradle sucker, which has a Nasco solution

It really is a fantastic product, why wouldn't you buy it?

These guys have been nothing short of excellent, always on the phone if you need help, everything has always been delt with in a sensible, responsive and humorous Manor.

5 star from us all.
CSW Groundwork Specialist's.

With thanks.
Craig Williams.

Craig Williams, CSW Groundwork Specialist's

One man digging with our 2D grade system, fitted to all my machines, meaning I can dig +/- 10mm accuracy, without getting off the machine. Time saved is money saved and this technology is included in my hire rates.

Over the last few weeks, with some projects cancelled (including an exciting project at the RHS Chelsea flower show), I have been out on operated hire with the iDig 2D grade control system on the 3t excavator.
This allows me to work alone with no need to check for grade, saving money in banksman wages, excess muck away from digging too deep, and a saving in materials put back on top. Just me, a laser and a flask of tea.

Amazing what one man can achieve with an Engcon Tiltrotator and iDig 2D grade Control.

Ollie Gunn, Gunns Contractors